Manitou MT 625 H

Capacity: 5512 lb | Horsepower: 75 HP | Max. lifting height: 19 ft 2 in


The MT 625 H telehandler is specially designed for building sites and renovation projects involving lower heights. Its compact dimensions – with a width of 5’11” and under 78″ in height – mean you can easily pass under thresholds and navigate congested areas. Its 3.3 m turning radius and 3 steering modes available provide you with excellent maneuverability. Easy to use, this handler features an ergonomic instrument panel and JSM-equipped joystick to easily execute all machine funtions in one control. The MT 625 H has a lift capacity of 5512 lb, with a maximum lift height of 19’2″. Its 75 hp engine reaches speeds of up to 15 mi/h. Maintenance is made easy with the wide opening angle of the engine hood. The 24 gal. gear pump allows for simultaneous movement of the boom and telescope for increased productivity.Technical sheet