Manitou 2100 V

Weight: 7480 lb | Horsepower: 68 HP | ROC: 2100 lb


New from Manitou a robust range of vertical lift loaders to perform in the most demanding conditions. The vertical lift arms allow you to dump material further into large trucks,Increased fuel capacity and fast travel speeds provide agility and endurance to increase productivity.

The large cabin design, featuring several Manitou exclusive benefits, offers more comfort and ergonomics. Enhanced visibility provides the operator the ability for more precision in maneuvering tight areas. The flip-up cooler and cab also reduce customer TCO and offer top-of class service access making maintenance work easier than ever.

The 2100V skid loader is designed and tested for performance to deliver productivity. With 2,100 lbs (950 kg) of operating capacity, 69 horsepower and up to 11.6 mph (18,7 km/h) the 2100V is perfect for construction and ag applications.

Technical sheet