Walk-behind trowel MBW F36

Blades sweep dia.: 35,5 in | Trowel speed: 70 – 135 RPM | Handle height: 35.8” Min – 43.3” Max


MBW WALK-BEHIND POWER TROWELS feature the industry’s heaviest bearings, output shafts, gears, spiders and blade arms. Comparison of these critical MBW components to those of any competitor answers the question as to why MBW trowels run so well for so long.

  • Tool free height adjustable operator handle
  • ISO compliant, low profile guard ring allows for easy cleaning and blade changes
  • Four handle options: Standard, EZ Pitch or Patented Low Vibration to reduce operator fatigue and the NEW Patent Pending battery Power Pitch
  • High torque option with a CVT clutch (Continuously Variable Transmission) for low speed/high torque and high speed applications
Technical sheet